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Melmac PE Premium
Melmac PE Premium
Melmac PE Premium

Melmac PE Premium

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Introducing the second variety of our new Premium Dried products. 

Melmac Pe is an early version of the Penis Envy strain, that we have been using for more than a year. It has been increasing in popularity, as some of the later isolations have seemed to be losing their vigour. 

Our Premium dried products utilize a different drying method which preserves a higher amount of the active compounds. The result of this is an experience that has a smoother come up, and is overall more robust.

The difference  is clearly visible in the photos, as the picture on the far right are dried with the traditional process, leaving them all shrivelled, and our new process leaves them almost completely in their original form. 

The Penis Envy mushroom was originally rumoured to be engineered by the famous entheogenic mycologist/enthobotanist Terence McKenna. Users often report intense visuals, and a strong euphoric sensation. It is a very potent hybrid of the Amazon, and a variety of the Pscilocybe Cubensis strain.




Dosages are as follows:

Mild Experience: 0.5 Grams to 1 Gram

Medium Experience 1.5 Grams to 2 Grams

Full Experience 2 Grams to 3 Grams

We also recommend that you do not mix our products with alcohol, as it dulls the experience.

We recommend starting at the medium experience level, if you have not tried them before, as the visuals can be quite intense and harder to handle for inexperienced users. Set and setting are extremely important for a positive experience. We also highly encourage people to have a guide or sitter if they are new to psychedelics. 

How to prepare for your trip

For a more comprehensive list of dosages and possible effects please  see our Magic Mushroom page.

*Note: psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers and may not be suitable for those with anxiety conditions. Antidepressants will nullify the effects of psychedelics.